Our Mission

To create and advance high quality, diverse educational communities that teach children the foundations of life-long learning and social responsibility.


Early Childhood Open Houses 

Join us for an Open House to learn more about our early childhood programs! Applications are being accepted for the 2015-2016 Program Year.

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Register now for Wonders Summer Camp  

Activity Bus for Wood Acres Elementary 

We are now offering an activity bus for Wood Acres Elementary School students who are participating in after school activities. Children enrolled in Wonders at Little Falls are picked after their after school activities and brought to Wonders on the Wonders shuttle bus. Contact Senate Alexander for more details. 

Meet a Board Member: Edie Mossberg


My name is Edie Mossberg, and I am a community (non-Wonders parent) member of the Board. As a life-long educator, I’m proud to be part of this organization. This year, I’m serving on the Marketing Committee helping to spread the word about our programs. (I hope all of you are, too!)

Professionally, I’m in the third part of my career. Having been a specialist working with children who had learning challenges, and an early education teacher and director, I now design my own schedule as a consultant.  And that flexible schedule has become particularly meaningful to me lately!

 In October, my husband and I became over-the-moon-happy, first-time grandparents. In the months leading up to our granddaughter’s birth, my son and daughter-in-law asked me about choosing childcare. I talked about well-trained, caring teachers; safe practices; a philosophy that appreciates learning through play and values the emotional, social, intellectual and physical growth of children; and that hard-to-define but unmistakable feeling of welcome and warmth that some centers have. In short, I was describing Wonders!

How I wish there was a Wonders program up in my kids’ New England town! That’s where I would want my grandchild to be. to meeting you in person at a future Wonders event – so please don’t hesitate to come up and say Hi!

Please visit our page Meet the Board, to learn more about our other Board members.

Wonders “HAPPY” video

It is our goal to keep our community and our families informed of the exciting learning and growing that takes place everyday at Wonders. Thank you for sharing your children with us – the joy and energy that they bring everyday to our eight programs makes us “Happy”.  Click on the image to view the latest video from Wonders.

Edgemoor happy kid